n. (in Greek and Roman mythology) a mountain nymph.
Etymology: ME f. L oreas -ados f. Gk oreias f. oros mountain

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  • Oread — O re*ad, n. [L. Oreas, adis, Gr. Oreia s, a dos, fr. o ros mountain: cf. F. or[ e]ade.] (Class. Myth.) One of the nymphs of mountains and grottoes. [1913 Webster] Like a wood nymph light, Oread or Dryad. Milton. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • oread — (n.) 1580s, from L. Oreas (gen. Oreadis), from Gk. Oreias mountain nymph, from oros mountain, probably from PIE root *er /*or to raise (Cf. Skt. rsvah high, L. oriri to raise; see ORCHESTRA (Cf. orchestra …   Etymology dictionary

  • oread — [ō′rē ad΄] n. [< L oreas (gen. oreadis) < Gr oreias (gen. oreiados) < oros, mountain: see ORIENT] Gr. & Rom. Myth. a mountain nymph …   English World dictionary

  • Oread — For a Hilda Doolittle poem, see Oread (poem). For a lake in Greece, see Lake Orestiada. For a city in Greece, see Orestiada. Greek deities series Primordial deities Titans and Olympians …   Wikipedia

  • oread — noun Etymology: Middle English oreades, plural, from Latin oread , oreas, from Greek oreiad , oreias, from oreios of a mountain, from oros mountain more at orient Date: 14th century any of the nymphs of mountains and hills in Greek mythology …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • oread — /awr ee ad , ohr /, n. Class. Myth. any of a group of nymphs who were the companions of Artemis. [ < L Oread (s. of Oreas) < Gk Oreiad (s. of Oreiás), n. use of oreiás of the mountains, equiv. to órei(os) of the mountains (deriv. of óros… …   Universalium

  • oread — [ ɔ:rɪad] noun Greek & Roman Mythology a nymph believed to inhabit mountains. Origin from L. Oreas, Oread , from Gk Oreias, from oros mountain …   English new terms dictionary

  • oread — o•re•ad [[t]ˈɔr iˌæd, ˈoʊr [/t]] n. myt (in Greek myth) any of a group of nymphs presiding over mountains and hills • Etymology: < L Orēad (s. of Orēas) < Gk Oreiad (s. of Oreiás), n. use of oreiás of the mountains =órei(os) of the… …   From formal English to slang

  • oread — noun Mountain nymph. An anthropomorphic appearance of the spirit of a mountain …   Wiktionary

  • oread — (Roget s 3 Superthesaurus) n. nymph, fairy, mountain nymph …   English dictionary for students

  • oread — n. Mountain nymph …   New dictionary of synonyms

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